Secret Santa Gift Exchange

The best platform to draw secret santa online and free worldwide. Create a secret santa group and share the link with the participants.

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Easy to use

The easiest way to organize a gift exchange draw.

It takes a minute to create your group. No e-mail or phone required.

Create the group

To create the group, choose a name, a description and add the participants. No need for e-mail or phone number.

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Share the link

After creating the group you'll get a link for your group. The link must be shared with the participants so they can join.

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Reveal your draw

To reveal your draw, open the link and click on your name. You'll be prompted to register a password so no one else can see your draw.

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What people are saying about us

“Very simple and easy to use! No need to download apps.”

Maíra R.

“Just register details of the draw and the name of the participants, you don't need an email or phone number. Very practical.”

Thiago S.

“Very practical and great to use for the company's secret santa.”

Cláudia B.

“Funcionalidade 100%! O único que consegui usar para sortear no WhatsApp”

Juliana F.

“The best site for drawing Secret Santa!!”

Guilherme T.

“Great site to draw a secret santa, I really liked it.”

José L.

“Practical, fast and effective, congratulations!”

Bruno A.

“Several other sites require that ALL participants to create a profile... This website makes it easier for all participants.”

Marina B.

“Great, even the oldest people in my family were able to use it with no issues.”

Yumi M.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find an answer to your question, you can e-mail your question to [email protected].

How can I draw via messaging apps?
When you create a group, you'll receive a link to share with the participants. You can share the link in any messaging app.
Is it possible for someone else to see who is my draw?
Only if they know the password your registered. Otherwise it's impossible.
Do I need to download an app?
You don't need to download anything, but if you like a native mobile experience, you can download our iOS app.
I forgot my password, what now?
Currently it's not possible to reset your password, you'll have to create another group if you can't remember your password.
I opened my link but a password was already registered.
Someone else probably used your link and registered a password before you. You can swap your link with that person or create a new group.